Sucrose Intolerance / Sucrose Malabsorption Breath Test

Sucrose, or table sugar, is the most common disaccharide. It is produced by plant cells, and contains both glucose and fructose molecules.

Although most people tolerate sucrose in their digestive systems, some do not. When they eat or drink products containing sucrose, they experience mild to severe symptoms including abdominal pain, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. These painful symptoms may be greatly diminished if sucrose intolerance is detected, and an appropriate dietary regimen is followed.

How to prepare for the Sucrose Intolerance Breath Testing?

There is a 24-hour preparation period before taking the test; the first 12 hours require a specific diet, and the last 12 hours require a complete fasting period; however, you may brush your teeth.

How the Sucrose Intolerance Breath Testing program works

  • The test is performed, in the physician's office or the patient's home
  • Breath samples are returned to Commonwealth Laboratories LLC in the postage paid box.
  • The analytical results are faxed to the physician's office


Download Test Specifications and Instruction Manual

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